We will leave from Levi to Köngäs. At Taivaan Valkeat we will switch our transportation to kicksleds. We will kick our way along Ounas River to Pirkko’s gallery where we will have an opportunity to view beautiful paintings and handicrafts which you can also purchase for yourself. From there we will continue to Johanna’s reindeer farm. You can choose between a one and a three kilometer reindeer ride. After that we will enjoy coffee and sweet pastries. We can also try throwing suopunki, a Lappish lasso, and we can even arrange a suopunki competition before heading back to Levi.

Duration: approx. 2,5 hours
Level of difficulty: requires normal condition
Reservation: previous day by 6 p.m.
What to bring: wind- and waterproof clothing, gloves, warm hat, shoes suitable for trekking
Participation fee: 70 € / person (1 km ride) or 95 € / person (3 km ride)
Fee includes: transportation from and back to Levi, kicksleds, reindeer ride, catering and guidance
Languages: Finnish, English