Hetta-Pallas, 4 days hiking tour

We will hike or ski, depending on the season, in the oldest national park of Finland.
We will follow the fell line which goes across the park and enjoy amazing views and landscapes. Lappish fells are safe to go because centuries long erosion have shaped them to be less steep. In our excursion we  may have a chance to meet the wild animals of fells such as reindeers, willow grouses and ptarmigans. We can see how these animals keep their young ones safe and how the reindeer calf follows her mother like a shadow.

Urho Kekkonen National Park

Urho Kekkonen National Park is a piece of the most beautiful Finland. Thousands of hikers have found their way to this Park and returned there again and again. A good network of cabins ensures that we get the equipment dry even in the wet summer. We can choose the route so that we go towards Kiilopää through the wilderness with our own routes and our own group, or so that we go closer to the centers of Saariselkä, when there are more people hiking in the same landscapes. There are two route options: Rajajooseppi – Luiro – Kiilopää or Kiilopää – Luiro – Kiilopää. Duration: 5 days.

Canoe Trip on Lake Inari

Lake Inari is the biggest lake in Lapland, so big that you could paddle around it for weeks enjoying the spectacular views. The hundreds of islands give way to beautiful sheltered spots for camping. Lake Inari is also known to be a great lake for fishing.
We will start our trip from Siida of Inari where the guide will be waiting for you. To start we will enjoy a meal and get to know one another, and before beginning the adventure we will do a gear check and briefing of paddling technique. Our day trips are approximately 15-30 kilometers long depending on the weather and physical condition of the paddler.  In between trips we will spend the night in tents and make our meals with a camp stove. We will end the trip in Inari: In Inari you will have the possibility to take a proper bath and enjoy one last meal together during our last night. The following morning your guide will take you to the airport.
This trip is suitable for beginners and experienced paddlers. We will use big canoes, which are suitable for 6 people along with their gear, and are a bit more easy to control

Lappish triathlon for fun

During the Lappish Triathlon you will be able to enjoy the clean air and beautiful nature of Lapland in three different ways. Our theme is cooperation and enjoying nature, this is not a contest unless you want to compete against yourself.
We will meet at and start our triathlon at Hetta from where we hike to Hannukuru’s booked cottage. The hike trough Finland’s oldest national park is a once in lifetime experience, with it’s beautiful views and landscapes, fells and forests relax your mind and give your body a proper challenge. In Hannukuru you will have the opportunity to swim and sauna. The next day we will hike from Hannukuru, through fells, to hotel Vuontispirtti. After a sauna and dinner you will be introduced to paddling and it’s techniques in Vuontisjärvi. After a good night sleep our trip continues by canoe on Ounasjoki towards Tepasto. There are a few stream pools and rapid waters in our way, which will provide us a bit excitement. From Tepasto our paddling continues to Levi where we will stay the night, wash up, and eat. In Levi we change our vehicles from canoes to bicycles, and we will cycle to our next destination which is approximately 90 kilometers away. Our last trip is from Lohiniva to Rovaniemi where you will have the opportunity to bathe before our last meal together.

Cross-country skiing to Halti

We gather in Kilpisjärvi, where we enjoy a tasty meal before going on a hike. We leave Kilpisjärvi skiing towards the great fells of Yläperä. Our route passes through the reservation huts forward to the cabin of Halti, from where we climb to the top of Halti, 1,328 meters. Daily ski trips are 8 to 17 kilometers. We generally follow marked routes according to the weather conditions. In the evening it is possible to make excursions to nearby fells or other places of interest, such as Kekkonen’s cabin. This trip requires normal physical health and condition.

Kick sledge trip to Halti for Pleasure Seekers

We will meet in Kilpisjärvi where everyone will get their own kick sledge. After a tasty and nutritious meal we start our adventure towards Halti. We will stay in booked cottages on the way to Halti’s cottage, from where we can climb (with snowshoes or kick sledge) to the top of the Halti fell (1328 metres). In the evenings it is possible to make trips to nearby fells with snowshoes and share stories with fellow travelers. Daily travel will be approximately 8-17 kilometers. This trip requires normal physical health and condition.