Now is the time to take the next step in your trout fishing career! Come with us to seek out a silver bright record trout, at the mountainous views of the Norwegian coast.

In the area where fishing takes place, there are a lot of good-sized trout. Coalfish and cod are caught as a by-catch. There is also a small chance for salmon and sea running char.

Fishing is done from an easy-going shore. Waders are not necessary, but we can recommend them warmly. The trip is most suitable for sea trout fishermen, who already have some experience of fishing and have their own fishing equipment.

The duration of the trip can be arranged according to the customer’s wishes, but we recommend booking a minimum of 24 hours fishing time. This makes it possible to fish both at day and night, and fishing in rising and falling water. If the trip is longer than one day, we have a tent with us to rest in.

Nothing is better than fishing silver bright sea trout in a clear water fjord, where the midnight sun illuminates the snowy mountain peaks. Book your trip and let the break sing!

Duration of trip: arrangeable

Max number of participants: 4, larger groups by agreement

From 1.5-15.7

Price: min 650e

The price of the trip includes: Guide’s services, snack and coffee / tea & soft drinks, lures, transports, insurance, treated catch