Lappish rivers provide an excellent setting for fishing big pikes. The midnight sun offers light throughout the whole day and night. Finding large pikes from the river during the summer is considerably easier compared to sea fishing, for example.

In the area where we are fishing, there are really big and powerful pikes, and the fishing pressure is almost nonexistent. Fishing is done from motorized boats and we are using gear that is especially intended for large fish. The average size of the fish is fairly large but chances to catch even a +100cm pike is great. However, catching a big fish should never be taken for granted, but the experience of the guides and the know-how of the species will increase your chance considerably.

The goal of the trip is to create unforgettable experiences and memorable fights with fat and strong river pikes. At its best, the battle with a river pike is compared to salmon fishing where the reel brake sings and the whole rod bends.

Duration of the trip: approx. 8h. Max number of participants: 4. Larger groups by agreement.

From 1.6 to 31.10

Price: 650e

The price of the trip includes: Guides’s services, snack and coffee/tea & soft drinks, fishing gear and lures, insurance, treated